Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Lecture 12/3

painting 1950-80s
abstract empressionism
jackson polock, opetomy of american comtemporary art.
life magazine called him jack the dripper
just after wwII america became a super power in art
ambstract empressionism is the idea that it was iprovisational, natural, usually expressed by man
joan mitchell 1960
second generation abstract empressionism
started early, refuted the idea of being an action painter
cy twombly, totally opposite of jackson polock
brice martin, started out as minimal painter
then in 1986, took a stick and started drawing like twombly
morris luis, poor vails of transparent paint, let it run down canvas and soak in acrylic paint.
frank stella 1964 made canvas that were cut into shapes and painted them
pop art
andy wohol, though that everyone should be famous for 15 min
robert raschenberg, silk screening paintings, started it.

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