Monday, December 13, 2010

Last Lecture 12/3

painting 1950-80s
abstract empressionism
jackson polock, opetomy of american comtemporary art.
life magazine called him jack the dripper
just after wwII america became a super power in art
ambstract empressionism is the idea that it was iprovisational, natural, usually expressed by man
joan mitchell 1960
second generation abstract empressionism
started early, refuted the idea of being an action painter
cy twombly, totally opposite of jackson polock
brice martin, started out as minimal painter
then in 1986, took a stick and started drawing like twombly
morris luis, poor vails of transparent paint, let it run down canvas and soak in acrylic paint.
frank stella 1964 made canvas that were cut into shapes and painted them
pop art
andy wohol, though that everyone should be famous for 15 min
robert raschenberg, silk screening paintings, started it.

Clay Characters!

the iPhone
i used my iPhone as the object i was making the character from.
the iphone is an apple product so i thought id make isiac holding an apple.
as i was finished making him, i decided he didnt need a face, because not only is there no where to put one but also, when you press the button on the iphone it lights up and like comes to life, so i figured id leave the face to the audiences imagination.

Monday, November 29, 2010


well we had the "college kid wind tunnel"
we had a hard time figuring out how we were going to make this at first and spent alot of time doing nothing but as soon as we figured it out, it took probably two and half days to make it.

id say it was pretty successful when put in front of the lsc, people were constantley going in and out of it or just stoping by to watch. we bought 6 or 7 boxes of ramen noodles and when it was over we only had about one and a half left. there was only a few rolls of toliet paper left too. i think we were all surprised by how much everyone liked it.

although it was pretty freakking stressful at times, i thnk we had alot of fun working on it and then finally showing it off in front of the lsc.

Bills Lecture 11/19

some contemporary photo-based art.
henery cartier bresson, awesome at photography, one of the first people to use blurriness, all about being at the right place at the right time.
pioneers of appropriation
richard prince, realized you could make a photograph that competed with paintings by blowing them up
cindy sherman, psed herself as a 50s actrss in the big city, idea in investigating your personal identity photos were fake enough to let you in on the joke, a little creepy
david leventhaw, photographed real life scenarios with toys
personal narrative, investigating the darker side of peoples personal lives.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sontag Writting Assignment

i took this photo because my photojournalism teacher told me to play with taking pictures of different things and our dog happened to be extremely hyper, it wasnt intended for anyone special, just a cool picture i took and showed my class.
this photo was taken for the local newspaper and yearbook back home, my photography teacher took it as i missed my par put on the first hole at regionals. again this was taken for the paper and yearbook so i think its probably just for people to look at for like a min and read the article or look at the rest of the spread.
i assume that this picture was taken to promote the golf course, i dont know alot about this picture, i would think that the emotional relationship with the photographer and the photo had to do with capturing the perfect angle and making sure the colors really came out. i think it was probably ment to be looked at by golfers in like a magazine for a couple seconds as they see all the details about whatevers being promoted.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Representational Form

Part One!
Object: Pink Hammer

whole object:



rhythems or repetition:


dramatic lights/darks:


negative space:

positive space:
exaggereate scale:

object as an abstraction:

object in motion:



Stencil Sketches


High Contrast


Part 2:
Self Portrait

whole object








lights darks


negative space

positive space




The Critic
could have used a better setting, the ones with the different angles are really interesting
Logo Sketches

More Hybridss...

^^^^^The Chosen One^^^^^

Spray Paint and Stencils

Photo Books!
the one with tan ribbon is the photos of my hand, i used that color ribbon becase it matches the desk i shot my had on and my skin color a little.
the secong one is the photos of the pink hammer, i used that ribbon because the hammers handle was pink and it had holes in it (hence the polka dots)
in each book there are 12 photos